Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fastest recorded kill!!!

Today my beautiful wife was pulling weeds on the side our house when she saw an actively digging gopher.  Being not only beautiful, but equally as wise, she quickly notified the resident gopher hunter (Me).  She informed me this gopher was "cute" and I should leave it alone.  I disagreed.  No gopher is "cute."

I grabbed my gophering basket and lucky gophering hat.  After examining the area, I decided it would be a perfect spot for a cinch trap.  I set the trap and placed it in the hole.  Not more than 10 seconds later the trap went off.  Thinking I had somehow set it wrong, I pulled it from the hole.  To my amazement and wonder, there was a gopher at the end of the trap.  Victory is mine!!!

This makes two in my yard today.  Be sure to check the Gopher Casualty Counter at

1 comment:

  1. So, did the beautiful wife think it was as cute dead as it was alive and tearing up the yard? Happy Hunting!