Friday, March 18, 2011

A little joy among two empty traps...#16

This morning I did the usual rounds through the yard.  To my dismay, I found the fresh stirring of soil.  The tale tale signs of gophers.  This was the first sighting of it's kind in two weeks.  I donned my lucky gophering hat and set out.  I opened up a small hole and set a cinch trap.  I then went to my neighbors house and checked their front yard.  I again found a fresh hole and set another cinch trap.

A couple of hours later I checked both traps.  The one in my yard was untouched.  The one in my neighbors was tripped.  I joyfully pulled the trap from the hole.  To my horror, the trap was empty.  I felt the pit in my stomach churn and the disgust grow.  I vowed revenge on my empty traps.

I moved one of the empty cinch traps to my neighbors back yard.  Two hours later...A GOPHER!  All my sorrow and self loathing was washed away in this sight.

As you can see, the cinch trap does a nice job!

You can tell in this close up these gophers are digging and eating machines.  Look at the size of those incisors.  The claws aren't bad either.  I respected a moment of silence before laying him to rest.

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