Monday, March 21, 2011

The phantom fuzz...

I set three traps Saturday night after discovering new activity near my fruit trees.  One of the traps was gopher #20, found that night.  I checked the other two Sunday evening.  One was sprung, but had been back filled by the wise and cunning enemy.  This trap was out of the hole with a phantom fuzz stuck to the jaws.  It appeared another creature dug up the trap and ate the diseased gopher.

I sure didn't eat the gopher out of the trap.  I'll give you one guess who did.  That's right, my faithful gophering canine companion Cricket.  I'm chalking this one up as a positive kill and adding it to the Gopher Casualty Counter.

She's cute and cuddly, but once again folks, when you come to visit, don't let her lick your face.  And be sure to check out the Gopher Casualty Counter.

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