Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Beast!

This beast of a gopher was raging havoc in my neighbors yard across the street.  I think his gophers have above average IQ's for gophers.  All the gophers I have caught in his yard have back filled my gopher traps at least once, as was the case with this fellow.

He happens to be the biggest gopher that I have personally trapped, hence the name, "The Beast."  I placed him in my freezer until I can find a cheep taxidermist and then it's on my fire place mantle for this trophy.  My wife thinks I'm crazy!  I think I'm just dedicated to the cause!
He also need Crest with tarter control.  The Gopher Gitter Gopher Trap worked very well.  Add this one to the Gopher Casualty Counter.    

1 comment:

  1. Think of how many you are going to catch when you get back from your vacation!!!