Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Busy Week...

This week has been busy with yard work, honey-do list, kids soccer, and of course Gopher Wars.  I didn't have time to post everyday, so I'll have to settle with an end of the week highlight reel. 

On Thursday, these two challenged me to a game of Battleship.  I cried out, "My Cinch Trap sunk your battleship."  And then, "My Gophinator  sunk your battleship."  Who said Battleship was a kids game?  

On Friday I was feeling a bit depressed because by the end of the day, I had three back filled traps and no confirmed kills.  I buried my sorrows in a half gallon of ice cream and went to a movie.  I got home just before midnight and found these two.  They were D.R.T.  (Dead Right There).  I slept better that night.  I apologize for the dark pictures; however they were taken at midnight with little lighting.

The first one was in my new Gopher Goner trap.  It looks and acts just like a cinch trap, except with a couple of slight improvements.  The next one was in a Black Box
Saturday was slow, with only one victim of Gopher Wars.  I know he blends in with the background.  If your having trouble seeing him, he's the fuzzy lump below the Black Hole Gopher Trap.

Be sure to check the Gopher Casualty Counter!

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