Friday, April 29, 2011

Two a day average.

I know my faithful fourteen followers are asking themselves were have I been for the last week.  I've been busy at work, kids soccer games, yard work, and of course best of all, killing gophers.  Since my return from vacation I have averaged two gophers a day.  Lets recap.

Friday April 22

 Saturday April 23
Obviously these are not gophers.  They are ground squirrels that I caught in a live trap.  They were from my neighbors yard and making quite a mess.  You'll be happy to know that I relocated them rather than make squirrel stew out of them. 

Sunday April 24
When I pulled this one out of the ground, he was still alive.  He even tried to bite me!  I had to give him the 'old hit on the head with a shovel' trick to kill him.  My wife said the picture was to graphic.  I replaced the original with this.
Monday April 25

Tuesday April 26

Wednesday April 27

Thursday April 28
Friday April 29

I would like to add that I have climbed into the high 60's with this latest batch of Gopher War victims.  Check out the Gopher Casualty Counter for and exact count.

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